What Exactly does a Pediatric Sleep Consultant do?

“Wait, what do you do??”

“I’m a Pediatric Sleep Consultant.”

“Oh nice, so you do sleep studies?”

“A what?!”

“Sleep consultant?! Can you help me sleep better!” 

Even though the Pediatric Sleep Consultant industry is growing every day, I get it that a lot of people are confused about what Goldilocks Sleep Solutions actual does. So I’m going to break it down for you. 
My job is kind of like a Personal Trainer at the gym. They: 

  1. Listen to your fitness goals 
  2. Put together a personalize gym work out specifically for you
  3. Show you exactly how to use the machines and how to do the exercises correctly
  4. Follow up with your progress to see what is working and what isn’t, for you specifically
  5. Give you support and cheer you on so you can reach your goals.

What I do as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant:

  1. Listen to your sleep goals for your little one and take into account any sleep struggles your family has encountered, past and present. 
  2. Create a personalized sleep plan specifically for your little one’s sleep journey based on their temperament and your parenting philosophies. 
  3.  Go over the plan, in detail, with you so there are no gray areas or issues that you don’t feel confident tackling to help your child with their sleep. 
  4. Have daily check-ins to see if you need any troubleshooting and to talk about what is working and what, if anything, needs some tweaking. 
  5. Be here for you to support you through something that can be very trying as a parent, cheering you on, and showing you how important all wins, big and small, are to helping improve your child’s sleep. 

I have no secret or magic trick that works for everyone. What I have is a year of training with the Family Sleep Institute where I read book after book by sleep experts and gurus, learned about scientific sleep facts for pediatric sleep, and gained knowledge from instructors, who have been doing this for over 20 years, to learn what works and what doesn’t out in the real world. 

In the same way you can go to the gym, and work out on the machines on your own, you can also read the same books and scientific research I read and tackle your children’s sleep problems on your own, and if that works for you, that’s great! But I’m here to help those parents that don’t know how to use the gym machines or don’t understand science behind why you also need to strength train to loss fat instead of just doing cardio. I’m here for those parents who need a consultant, a coach, a cheerleader- parents who need help! 

Parenting is hard. Pediatric sleep is tricky. Don’t be ashamed. Ask for help. It’s what I do. 💜🧸

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