Consulting. Coaching. Cheerleading.

That is what Goldilocks Sleep Solutions is all about!

Oh boy, you’re going to have a baby? Enjoy your sleep now!

-Well meaning observers, to pregnant parents everywhere

Not necessary!

Once the baby comes, you can kiss your sleep goodbye.

-Everyone, to expecting parents


You look tired. How is the baby sleeping? Oh not a good baby huh?

-Not helpful commentators, to new parents all over the world

Just Wrong!

Raise your hand if you have ever been on the receiving end of one of these comments? Some people talk just to hear themselves talk, others think they are offering you some sort of support, when in reality they are not being helpful at all. I want to smash this “parenting = no sleeping” myth to pieces! Children and babies can sleep and I can help you navigate the tricky waters that is pediatric sleep!

Sleep is actually a learned behavior, so although a 4 month old baby is not going to be able to sleep like an adult who has been doing it for the past, say, 30 years, with help from you, their parent, they can learn the right habits to get them the healthy, proper sleep, they need. And I can show you the way!

Two Week Package

Just as each child learns differently, each child sleeps differently, and each family has their own set of issues. Over the course of two weeks I will work directly with your family to conquer your unique set of sleep problems, issues, or concerns.
Whats Included:
-Detailed Intake Form for you to fill out
-1 Hour Virtual Consultation with me (via phone conversation or video conference)
-Customized Sleep Plan designed specifically with your child and family in mind
-Constant support via email and phone conversations over the two week period
Or if you prefer an In-Person Consultation:

Q & A Sessions

As babies and children grow and accomplish major life milestones, their sleep has a tendency to change as well. Even if you think you’ve got the whole sleep thing down, one day your child might change it up on you and leave you a little lost. These phone sessions are great for anyone who just has a couple of questions they need answers for, some personalized advice tailored to your situation, or any of my previous clients who have experienced a change and need just a little bit of help.
Whats Included:
-Detailed Intake Form for you to fill out
30 Minute Virtual Consultation with me (via phone conversation)
Or if you prefer a 60 Minute Virtual Consultation
Add on an additional 1 Day of Follow Up Email Support
Plus $35

Newbie Package

Just like with talking and walking, as parents you’ll play a big role in your child learning how to sleep. Thankfully, your little one can learn to master this skill earlier in life than they do other major milestones. Wether you are currently pregnant or you just brought your baby home, its never too early to learn about healthy sleep hygiene and safe sleep practices! Our Newbie Consultation Package is for just that. You’ll meet with me, virtually, and I’ll explain some need to knows and share some special tips and tricks to get your baby the sleep they need as soon as they can. You’ll be able to email me questions prior to our meeting to make sure all of your worries or concerns are addressed.

Our Newbie Package makes a great Baby Shower Gift for those hard to shop for!

And remember, you’re not alone!

I love to do Group Get Togethers too!
(Sleepy Mamas Night Out ~ Parents4Sleep ~ BBQZZZZZ)
Reach out for a package price

Have questions? That’s totally understandable, contact me and I can help answer any questions you might have about the process!