My Goldilocks Story

Not getting sleep is not something to joke about. I’ve seen first hand how not getting the right amount of sleep can effect you both physically and mentally. I love that my job is to help people improve their sleep so that their overall health and wellness can improve as well!

I’m Patti and these are my three bears.

And believe me, tired friends, I’ve been there! I’ve been in the trenches just like you- Googling “how to make my child sleep” at 3am, reading every book and article under the sun on better sleep practices, asking all my friends what their secret was! If it wasn’t my 2 month old waking every two hours throughout the night, it was my 2 year old screaming for “Mommy” from his crib in the room he shared with his older brother!
But I knew there was another way, so I figured it out and got my bears sleeping so I could get back to sleeping too. Now I want to help you!

I sought out the best of the best to learn everything I could about pediatric sleep. And I’m so thankful to have found the Family Sleep Institute, “the Harvard of Sleep Schools”. After hours and hours of reading, classes, case studies, and working one on one with families, I’m very excited to be able to share my knowledge with all the tired parents out there!

I’ve witnessed, first hand, that every child is different, especially when it comes to sleep. And because of that, what works for one little one, is never guaranteed to work for another little one, even if they are siblings!

I take what I’ve learned from FSI, along with my past experiences, to uniquely tailor sleep plans for each child. Goldilocks Sleep Solutions follows the three C’s for this process: Consulting, Coaching, and Cheerleading. This is the mix that gets the job done, while making the process as easy for you and your little ones as possible!

Goldilocks found the bed that was just right for her, and together we can do the same for your child.

Check out what families are saying about Goldilocks Sleep Solutions:

“Patti was amazing!! My 3 year old son really struggled with getting ready for bed and he would wake up in the middle of the night multiple times a week. He’s never been the best sleeper or napper. And he was always such a bear in the morning! During our initial consultation Patti immediately made me feel at ease about our situation. The plan she built for us felt like a true collaboration and was exactly what my son needed. She was so easy to talk to and was genuinely invested in my son’s sleeping needs. At first I was concerned my son wouldn’t be able to get ready for bed or fall asleep in the time frames we discussed. Eventually he did and it’s amazing the difference we’ve seen just from week 1 to 2. He’s getting ready for bed and falling asleep easier, staying asleep, and waking up in a good mood! Patti truly changed our lives. She has had great insight and guidance every step of the way. I am forever grateful. Thank you Patti!”

Christina B.

Mom of 3 year Old

“Patti was so knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire process and helped our family get our little one to sleep in his crib in his own room. It was a transition we have known we should make for awhile and Patti gave us the support we needed. We can’t thank her enough!”

Kathleen K.

Mom of 2 Year Old

“Patti was wonderful to work with! Following her plan, in just a few nights, N was sleeping through the night consistently! Patti was very helpful and responsive in all communication throughout the process! She even gave me advice to help my oldest child with his sleep and gave me advice about how to keep up everything in the future.”

Lauren M.

Mom of 8 month old

Are you ready to make the commitment to get your child the sleep they need?