Sleep Regressions Are A Good Thing

Sleep Regressions- Ugh! I can still remember 7 years ago, holding my hand on my first-born’s chest while he laid in the crib, being exhausted, frustrated, and googling like crazy: “Is there a 8 month sleep regression?”… “What about a 10 month sleep regression?”… “Ugh, is there also a 12 month sleep regression?”…  Honestly, it

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Setting Limits Is Tough

Setting loving but firm limits is a safety measure necessary for your little ones. But setting limits and following through with them is tough! The only way limits work is if you truly believe in them. If you believe in them then you’ll have the conviction needed to hold them up. Think about boundaries, limits,

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Why is drowsy but awake important?

Drowsy But Awake

In theory, I am in favor of the “drowsy but awake” approach when putting your little one to bed, but I do think some clarification of the term could help parents “get it right.” The basic principle The key point of this phrase is the awake part. Your little one should go into their bed,

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Why do babies fight sleep?!

“Shh! Shh! Shh! I know you’re tired little one, so why won’t you just close your tired little eyes and let yourself sleep?! Stop fighting sleep!!”  Was that you this afternoon during nap time? Or was it your partner last night at 3am?  I know I’ve said it before!  It’s one of the most infuriating

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