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Patti truly changed our lives. She has had great insight and guidance every step of the way. I am forever grateful.

Christina, mom of two

Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Sleep Help:

I want my child to sleep through the night, but I don’t want to let them cry it out. Can I still work with you?

I have been trained in several different methods and techniques to teach little ones how to self soothe. We will work together to decided on a sleep plan that you will be comfortable with implementing for your family. As with any change in routine, there will most likely be some protest crying from your little one, however, I will never make you do anything that you are not comfortable with.

What ages do you work with?

I am certified to work one-on-one with families and their little ones starting with the newborn age up until 5 years old. For families with little ones younger than four months old, I offer educational consultations rather than my two week, one-on-one coaching packages.

What happens if my child is not sleeping better after the two weeks of your package?

Although every child is different, and I can’t make any guarantees, per say, I can promise parents that if I am working with you, one-on-one, and you are following our plan and putting in the effort on your side, I will never leave you “high and dry.” I am very confident in my education and my coaching ability, that after two weeks, parents and their little ones, will be in a much better place, and we will have seen improvements in the sleeping habits of your little ones. However, if you are looking to continue my on going support and coaching, there is an option to add on additional weeks of support.

Is it too late to sleep train my baby?

If your little one, at any age, does not know how to self soothe, it is never too late to teach them. Yes, older toddlers and children who have created certain habits when it come to sleep, might have a harder time learning new routines, however, it is never too late to teach them healthy sleep hygiene or how to sleep on their own.

What if my toddler sleeps fine, but only when my partner or I am with them, can you help with that?

Absolutely. I am here to help families deal with any pediatric sleep situations that are no longer working for their families. So for example, say that you never wanted a family bed, but then that’s how things worked out- and it was fine because everyone was getting sleep- but now you have another little one on the way and you’re afraid no one will be sleeping if everyone is in the same room. I can help you make the change!

I want to teach my baby to sleep on their own, but I’m breastfeeding. Can I still hire you?

Definitely, it’s totally possible to teach your little one to sleep on their own and instill healthy sleep habits while breastfeeding.

I don’t live near you, can I still work with you?

Yes! All of my coaching can be done virtually, so I can work with tired families all over the world!